Route 66 Day Fourteen

June 25, 2009

Grand Canyon – Bryce Canyon

After breakfast we began our tour of the Grand Canyon, first we went to the visitors centre to get some information about the park and then we went for a walk around the rim.

After walking around for quite a while and taking a load of photographs and video we got in the car and drove to the East section and went to all the lookouts along the way including the Desert View Tower were we had a couple of corn dogs.

We then left the Canyon and set off to another one, Bryce Canyon in Utah to be precise. It took hours to get there down quite small roads but eventually we did just as it was getting dark.

We were planning to stay at Ruby’s Inn where we did six years ago but a new best western had just opened up across the road so we stayed there instead. This is probably the best Best Western we have stayed at and definitely worth the money.

For dinner we went to Ruby’s Inn and had their all you can eat buffet, which surprisingly was very nice.

Tomorrow we plan on exploring the Canyon.




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