London Film and Comic Con 2017

July 31, 2017

It was that time of year again for my annual trip down to London for London Film and Comic Con (LFCC).


I traveled down the day before it started on a Thursday to make use of some of the Merlin Attractions I could use my annual pass on such as The London Eye and Shrek’s Adventure, I will write a separate blog post on those later.

In the Evening I went to see the Mentor at the Vaudeville Theatre Starring F. Murray Abraham, It was OK but nothing really to write home about. After the show I went to the Stage door and met the cast.

F-Murray-Abraham-and-MeJPG Daniel-Weyman-and-MeJPG
Jonathan-Cullen-and-MeJPG  Anton-Lesser-and-MeJPG 
F-Murray-Abraham-signed-Photograph  The-Mentor-Signed-ProgrammeJPG 

I then went to the National Theatre and met Olivia Coleman and Olivia Williams who are appearing in Mosquitos and Denise Gough, James McArdle and Andrew Garfield who are appearing in Angels in America. I tried to get tickets for this but sold out months ago and have been trying in their monthly ballot to get some with no luck.

Olivia-Coleman-and-MeJPG Olivia-Williams-and-MeJPG
Olivia-Coleman-Signed-Photograph Olivia-Williams-Signed-Photograph
Andrew-Garfield-and-MeJPG Denise-Gough-and-MeJPG
James-McArdle-and-MeJPG Russel-Tovey-and-MeJPG


Got to Olympia about 8am and was in at 9am. I first went and waited for Alan Tudyk but after 1h20 I needed to leave for a photoshoot, stopping first to meet Alicia Witt who was very friendly.

Alicia-Witt-and-MeJPG Alicia-Witt-Signed-Photograph

First photoshoot was with Tom Wilson who was very friendly.


Then I met Missi Pyle who was very nice and talkative asking me many questions about myself, she talked to everyone for a good couple of minutes each.

Missi-Pyle-and-MeJPG Missi-Pyle-Signed-Photograph

I then met a Alan Tudyk and was able to join the line near the front showing my ticket from earlier, he was friendly and even did a Steve the Pirate impression from Dodgeball.

Alan-Tudyk-Signing-Autographs-7JPG Alan-Tudyk-Signed-Photograph

Next was Tom Wilson and he was great, I was a bit worried as he has avoided the whole Back to the Future thing for years but looks like he is embracing it now.

Thomas-Wilson-Signing-Autographs-5JPG Tom-Wilson-Signed-Photograph

Next after being late I was one of the first to meet Pamela Anderson, she was very pleasant but not much conversation.

Following Pam I met Tricia Helfer and she was nice and friendly.

Then I had a few Photoshoots in a row; Alan Tudyk, Pamela Anderson, Tricia Helfer and finally Missi Pyle.

I caught part of Missi Pyles talk and then left.


Got to Olympia at 8am and went in at 8.55am. One of the perks of being a gold pass holder is you get in before the general admission people to get low virtual queue tickets to meet people, by the time I was in the correct area general admission people were already there getting these tickets so although I should have been maybe in the first 50 in the building my virtual queue tickets were in the 100’s something that should not happen, but Showmasters who organise these events always have problems like this and despite promises that it will not happen again it always does, this is the third year in a row it has!!

First person I met today was Carol Cleveland from Monty Python, she was very talkative.

Next was Wil Wheaton, who if I am honest seemed  bit distant.

Next was who I think was the stand out guest of the event Kevin Smith he spend a long time talking to everyone and was extremely friendly.

Then three photoshoots in a row starting with Alyson Hannigan, then Kevin Smith who came out before to thank everyone and then John Cleese.

Then I met Christien Anholt who was very friendly.

I then had a photoshoot with Wil Wheaton who turned up 20 mins late, you could not go too close to him so the photo looks a bit funny.

Next I had a photoshoot with Terrence Stamp followed by meeting him for an autograph.

I them left.

That Evening I attended the opening night of Apologia at the Trafalgar Studios staring Stockard Channing. The timings of the dialogue was a little off and if I am honest didn’t really like it. Maybe once it is performed a bit more it will find its rhythm.

I met some of the cast afterwards, Desmond Barrit, Freema Agyeman and Laura Carmichael. Laura was by far the best performer in the show and I was quite surprised how Stockard Channing, a Hollywood actress for decades was not as good as I would have expected.

I then Shot over to the National Theatre again and just caught Andrew Garfield again who signed a photograph for me.


Did a couple of touristy things like the London Dungeon and London SEA LIFE Centre then came home after a major issue with Virgin trains which I will be complaining about to customer services.



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