Eclipse 2 – Heroes Convention, Northampton

November 17, 2008

Eclipse 2 - Heroes Convention, Northampton


After how much I enjoyed the previous Eclipse event in Northampton I decided to go to the second instalment, this time the guests attending included James Kyson Lee, Dania Ramirez, Stephen Tobolowsky, Alan Blumenfeld and Adair Tishler.  There was a lot few attendees this time leading to a lot more guest interaction which was great. 

Friday 14th November 2008

I took the afternoon off work and left at lunchtime to give me plenty of time to get to Northampton and relax before it all happens in the evening.

The traffic was a bit busy on the way down and it took around three hours to get there. I check in quickly and go up to my room, to be honest the rooms in the Park Inn are not the best, but for £70 per night including breakfast for what they call the executive room I suppose it is ok.

The Park Inn Northampton

After I unpack my stuff I go back downstairs and collect my registration pack, as I am a Gold pass holder I also get a little goody bag that included a couple of autographs, posters, badges, mug, casino chip and some fake money.

I take all that back to my room and then go for a walk into Northampton as I decided to do some early Christmas shopping and got some clothes for Sarah from Jane Norman (I will not say what they are here as they are a surprise).

On the way back to the hotel I stop at a chippie and get some food as I am quite hungry by this time. I then get changed into my suit and go down for the start of the evening events.

To begin with we are introduced to all the guests by them coming on stage and saying hello, to everyone before being ushered out again.

Guest Introductions

All gold pass holders are then taken to another room where we have a meet and greet with the guests. This was totally different than the last one with only about 40 people taking part, which was great so it was very informal and you really got chance to talk to all the guests for quite some time.

I started with Dania Ramirez and chatted with her for a while and found out she had spent the last few days shopping and bought loads of stuff, then went over to Alan Blumenfeld who was quite interested in what we did for a living, then over to Stephen Tobolowsky who was very funny and then Adair Tisher who was talking about the theatre and in particular Wicked which she has seen a number of times, before going back to Dania until the session finished.

After the meet and greet I went back to the room to get changed into more casual attire and then back down to the bar, it was a Japanese theme so most people were dresses up, I just wore a shirt with a few Oriental letters on it. The guests stayed at the bar drinking for a while and chatting to people, Adair even sang a few songs on the Karaoke. After a lot of drinking and even taking part in a sumo wrestling match I finally went to bed.

Friday Night

Saturday 15th November 2008

I woke up early and went down for breakfast and helped myself to the hot buffet, sausages, bacon, beans, etc. After that I went to the main area for 9am when all the signings and photoshoots where taking place.

My first photoshoot was with Alan followed by Adair, then Dania, James and finally Stephen before all of them for a group shot.


After the shoots were over I went into town and got something to eat before coming back for the afternoon session which involved a number of talks with the guests.

First up was James, Dania and Adair followed by Stephen and Alan, both talks were great and there was a number of good questions asked.  Stephen and Alan had some great stories that were really interesting to hear.

James, Dania and Adair Talk
Stephen and Alan Talk

They was also a quiz captained by Stephen and Alan each with two audience members, they were great sports to do this, even wearing wigs at one point.

They was then another talk with all cast members before an auction were a number of things were being sold including having dinner with the guests that night that went for just £140, I kind of regret not bidding on it.

Group Talk

We then went back into town for some dinner before the evening party which was the theme of a casino so I wore my tuxedo.

There were a number of roulette and black jack tables but the main draw was the poker table with James, Dania and Stephen playing on it, I wish I could play poker as it would have been great to play against them, Ian did and lasted for quite a long time until they had to take a break to watch a magic act (a guy escaping from a straight jacket that I did not really see a point of), Stephen was doing really well up to that point, winning most hands.  After the magic act the poker fizzled out and I went to bed.

Saturday Night

Sunday 16th November 2008

Had a nice lie in today and went down for breakfast at 10am, I had a bigger appetite than yesterday and managed to polish off quite a bit.

The morning was spent getting autographs from all the guests and generally just relaxing before the afternoon talks.

The first talk started at 14:00 with James followed by Alan and Adair and then Dania and Stephen before the final group talk of the event, again I really enjoyed these as you learn things you never knew and both Stephen and Alan told a few more interesting stories about there careers.

James Talk
Alan and Adair Talk
Dania and Stephen Talk
Final Group Talk

The day finished with a short closing ceremony hosted by the organisers to thank people for coming.

I them set off and head home getting there about three hours later.

Overall I would say that this event was a lot better than the first Eclipse, mainly due to the smaller number of attendees and the friendliness of the guests, I don’t have a bad word to say about any of them and could not have expected anything more from them.  I have even booked my tickets for the next one in May. 



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  2. nassim on November 20th, 2009 3:37 pm

    well i think the serie heroes was a winner serie some body say it just for child but me i say it for everyone and anyone would continious this serie but for the actors they did absolutly the good job like adair tishler child but she has a large pace on this serie and hayden,milo,james…ex but there’s somethink we want to that happend is creat another season 6.

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