Confex 2011

March 3, 2011

Confex 2011

Confex is an annual event held at Earls Court in London aimed at event organisers and showcases venues and associated services from around the world.

As I help organise events it is a great place to network and become aware of venues which might be useful in the future.

I would normally not write about something as mediocre as this on my travel blog but I am bored on the train ride home and want to try out the WordPress App. on my iPhone, so this entire post (pictures as well) was created on the iPhone, normally I use my laptop and camera as it Is a lot easier and the pics are a lot higher quality than this phone produces.

It was an early morning today, I needed to catch the 7am train direct from Wrexham to London, luckily I was able to sleep some of the way there. At London I grabbed some breakfast and got on the underground to Earls Court.

I spent a good few hours walking around talking to people, making contacts and collecting brochures. Everyone I met was very friendly (as you would expect from someone who is trying to sell you things). That is except for the Visit Holland stand, the guy there was actually quite rude, this was one of the places I wanted the most information from as I have an event in Amsterdam later in the year that I need to start planning for now, all he kept saying when I was asking him questions was look at our website. What is the point in them coming all the way over here to exhibit if that is how they help people, they must have sales leads targets to meet?


One of the perks for me this year compared to the previos one is I was a VIP which gave me access to the lounge which I made use of a few times throughout the day. At lunch time the layed on a free sandwich buffet and in the afternoon they had complementary cakes.


I did have a phone call from one of my cellegues saying that we have a problem with our Russian visa applications, apparently the invites are only for tourist visas and we need business ones. Three guesses what I will be doing tomorrow morning?

After i finished at the event I caught the underground back to Euston and had dinner in Nandos. The entire time I was there the girl next to me was on the phone talking to “Lewis” her flatmate who has not paid her any rent, this lasted for over 40 minutes, it turned out he even stole her handbags to sell on eBay to pay here the rent (you got to admire his logic behind that).

My train back was at 18.10 and is direct to Wrexham.


The ironic thing is I am coming back to London tomorrow to go to the opening night of Flare Path at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket.



P.S. The WordPress iPhone app. was useless at inserting images in the correct place so had to edit this page at home on my laptop!



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