Amsterdam Day Trip

June 29, 2011

Amsterdam Day Trip

Today I just went over to Amsterdam for the day to look for some venues for an event we are going to hold there later in he year. It was a long day with a 7am flight that I got up at 4.15 for and a 10pm flight back so I got home at 23.30.

We got to see quite a few venues and as there was a public transport strike on the day we needed to walk to most places.

When we walked through Chinatown we past a stereotypical prostitute window were I saw the ugliest, fatest and most slobby looking Chinese women I have ever seen, I can’t

think of anybody in their right mind who would pay to be with that, even if they paid you I don’t think they would have any takers!

Here are some of the pictures I took around the city.



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