Warsaw – Quick Trip

August 20, 2010

Wednesday 18th August

After interviewing some candidates for a position in my department all morning I headed over to Manchester airport where because I did not book the short stay multistory car park far enough in advance had to go to the long stay where I needed to catch a bus back to the terminal. I went through security without a hitch, got something to eat and boarded my KLM flight to Amsterdam.

In Amsterdam I had a quick layover so went straight to my gate, I was planning to grab some dinner but there was not anything good to have in the area I was in so just grabbed a water and hoped the restaurant in the hotel would still be open when I got there.

After I arrived in Warsaw I get some cash from the ATM and get a taxi to my hotel, the Holiday Inn in the centre of the city. I have stayed here before so know what to expect. I also got upgraded to an executive floor room which is always a bonus.

I made it just in time before the restaurant closed so was able to get some dinner before going to sleep.

Thursday 19th August

Got up, got ready and then caught a taxi over to the marketing agency I came over to Warsaw to see. After a couple of hours I went back to the hotel to do some work on my laptop. I went for lunch in the shopping mall opposite the hotel and then back to the hotel to carry on with work.

When I had finished I caught a taxi to the Old Town area of the city where I walked around for a while taking lots of pictures. I went to a restaurant recommended by one of the people at our agency; unfortunately it was full and the guy there recommend to get reservations next time. So I walked around for a while longer looking for somewhere to eat.

I ended up at one of the outside cafe’s in the Market Square, I went for the cheapest one which in hindsight was probably a mistake as the food was not very high quality.

I walked around for a bit longer before heading back to the hotel to try and get an early night before my flight tomorrow.

Friday 20th August

The alarm goes off at 4am (3am UK time), I got ready and head to the airport. The taxi driver makes me feel like I an in a computer game with his driving at high speeds around the deserted early morning streets of Warsaw.

I check in for my flight and head over to the gate. The flight is smooth and I am able to sleep for a bit of it. At Amsterdam I grab a sandwich for breakfast and then return on my plane to Manchester. When I arrive I am so glad that I signed up for iris recognition a while back as the line for passport control was huge, the longest I had ever seen it, it would have easily taken over an hour to wait in it, luckily I walked straight though the iris machine with no one in front of me.



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