Wales Comic Con

September 24, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I saw an advert in a local chip shop for the Wales Comic Con and was surprised I had never heard of it, it even had Billy West from Futurama and Thomas Ian Nicholas from American Pie. So I decided to go. 

General admission started at 11am and I got there at 11.15 as I did not expect this event to have the same attendance levels as a Showmasters event and that is when the problem started. 

I was waiting in the line for over two hours which was totally unacceptable at no point did any crew member come over to explain why it was taking so long. I later found out the venue had reached capacity and people could only go in when someone came out. At one point John Billingsley came out and gave everyone some sweets, nice chap. 

When I finally got inside I went over to the Game of Thrones area and met James Cosmo, Julian Glover, Jerome Flynn, Mark Addy, Gemma Whelan and Gethin Anthony who were all very friendly and chatted with me for a while and signed my Game of Thrones poster. The organisers only gave this group one metallic pen between them so I had to borrow Julian Glovers for all the others to use. 


I then met Billy West who does the voice of Phillip Fry in Futurama who signed my Futurama poster. 

Finally I went over to Thomas Ian Nicholas but found out he had run out of photographs so was unable to get an autograph of him but did get a picture with him. 

I had another quick walk around and left, so I spent less than a quarter of the time inside than I did queuing to get in.





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