The Gun Store Las Vegas Shooting Machine Guns AK47 & MP5 & Shotgun

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After seeing adverts all over the place to shoot a machine gun I had to go and check it out.

I paid to shoot an AK47 (like the one that all terrorists and militia around the world use, an MP5 like the SAS and other special forces use and a lever action shotgun like Arnie used in Terminator 2). I have to admit it was quite fun if not a little short lived. I was all very rushed and a lot of people were taking part, it was a bit worrying that here all these people were paying to fire machine guns without any checks to see if they were sane or anything, what if they decided to run amuck In the shop? People would not be able to stand a chance. And another thing this place actually sells machine guns, they even had grenade launchers for sale, what possible reason would a normal person want to own any of this, surely they should be made illegal over here.

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