Travel Blogs

I have always been interested in travel and documenting my adventures is just an extension of that.

I first set up this website so the people back home could see my photographs and share in my experiences as I travelled around India back in January 2008.

Over the years I plan to add a full narrative to my travels and also update this site with journals from my archives dating back over twenty years. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed experiencing them.

Travel Blogs

Peru and Easter Island 2010  

 29th April – 16th May
Since as long as I can remember I have always wanted to visit both Peru and Easter Island and have only now finally decided to go. Continue reading »

Route 66 Roadtrip Route 66 Roadtrip 2009  

 12th June – 6th July
After a few years of planning this trip we finally decided to do it. over 2500 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles and then finishing in San Francisco.  Continue reading »

florida-title-blog Florida Holiday 2008 

27th September – 18th October
We seem to go to Florida almost every year, and this year is no exception. From 26th September to 19th October we will spend three weeks at Walt Disney World.  Continue reading »

Cologne Travel Blog Cologne Trip 2008  

18th February – 20th February
I recently traveled to Cologne to attend Domotechnica with my work, but during my free couple of hours and one full night I was able to explore the city.  Continue reading »

India Trip Blog Title India Trip 2008 

17th January – 4th February
In late November 2007 my good friend Raghav invited me to his wedding that was taking place in Delhi January 2008. It did not take me long to say yes.  Continue reading »

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