Thomas Stafford Space Lecture

April 10, 2016

Thomas Stafford is a former NASA Astronaut who flew on the Gemini and Apollo space missions in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Originally I was due to attend a dinner and lecture by Gene Cernan the last man to walk on the moon, but with just a few days to go he had to cancel due to health issues (these guys are not getting any younger).

So Gen. Stafford was brought in at the last minute and have to admit I was a bit disappointed as I have met him before. But if I am honest his space lecture is probably the best one I have ever attended.

The two days started off after a long drive up to Pontefract and Wentworth House where the evening activities took place. First I had my picture taken with him before going for dinner where he was the guest of honour.

After a short speech where he talked about sitting at home a few days ago and getting a call asking if he wanted to come to this event, getting delayed on the flight over and saying the UK is his favourite country because the natives speak English.

After the meal there was a raffle draw and an auction followed by an autograph signing. As I have me him before I already have him signature on the items I needed them on so used my generic moon picture for this.

I then went to my hotel for the evening which was the Premier Inn Pontefract North. This was only £35 per night compared to £120 per night at Wentworth House.

The next day I had a bit of time to kill so walked around a local retail park and had some lunch.

Tom Stafford’s lecture began at 16.00 so got there in good time.

Although to look at him he is quite frail, his mind is still as sharp as ever, he talked for an hour and forty minutes about his career, starting at the beginning all through his NASA days and beyond where he advised presidents on areas of defence and space exploration.

His full lecture is here.

After that I got his autograph on a Gemini picture and came home.



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