The Blackpool Tower

June 12, 2017

As we have got an annual Merlin Pass I thought it would be a good idea to take a trip to Blackpool Tower which is less than two hours’ drive away, I have not been there in about 30 years.

We parked close by in a shopping centres car park (which cost £9 for the day) and then walked to the Tower. After showing our passes we went and waited for a 4D movie before we were able to go up the Tower. To be honest I found this movie pointless and think it was just there to stagger the people going up in the lift to the top of the Tower.

After we ascended in the lift you are greeted with a glass wall and floor that overlooks the sea and Blackpool Promenade. To begin with it is a little unnerving walking on the glass floor with the ground visible below you, but you get used to it.

Holly was very brave and walked on it no problem, just a bit of hesitation to begin with. Matthew on the other hand would not go on it.

After walking on the glass for a bit we then climbed up to the higher floors and went outside, it was very windy out there so did not stay long.

We then went down back to the glass floor and had a few more pictures.

After we descended back down in the lift we went to Jungle Jims play area and spend about half an hour there. After that we were quite hungry so went to Harry Ramsdens Fish and Chips for Lunch only to be told they were closed as they had no chips!!!!

At 14.30 we went to the Blackpool Tower circus, and it was terrible, I think they were using the same jokes from when I came as a kid, nothing had changed. Holly fell asleep during the show and Matthew wanted to leave, which we did.

After we left the Tower we also visited Madame Tussauds and SEA LIFE Blackpool, but I will leave those for another blog.

Overall I would not recommend paying for a visit to Blackpool Tower as it is not value for money but as we used our annual passes to get in it was ok.



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