Starfury T3

June 25, 2011

Friday 24th June

After a four hour drive I arrive at the Radisson Heathrow only to be told that the hotel is overbooked and I needed to go to the Park Inn down the road for the night, although I am a bit annoyed at this I come around when they tell me that I will only have to pay for one night and they will give me the second night complementary.

I get to the Park Inn and moan a bit at the reception desk and they give me complementary internet access and parking, the room is also better than expected as some of the Park Inns I have stayed at previously have been dives!


After I unpack I head back to the Radisson for the start of the convention. It is running late and we don’t go into the main hall until 9pm. We are then introduced to all the guests how are there; Julia Ling, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Stephanie Jacobson, Ryan McPartlin and Thomas Dekker.

After the welcome I head over to the meet and greet stopping for a drink of Coke along the way, a pint of Coke cost £5.06, what a rip off!

At the meet and greet I got to talk briefly to each of the guests and found out that Ryan McPartlin had actually seen my YouTube video form Starfury T1 of Zachary Levi going to Subway in Birmingham If you want to see it click here >>>.

After the meet and greet I head back to my hotel to get some sleep.

Saturday 25th June

Got up early at 7am and went down for breakfast, checked out by 8.30 and headed over to the Radisson for the photoshoots that were taking place.

I had my picture taken with Ryan Mcpartlin, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Julia Ling, Stephanie Jacobsen and a group shot with all the guests.

 After the photoshoots I headed over to the main hall where I had front row seats to all the guest talks.

First talk was with Julia Ling, she talked about some very personal and traumatic things which has happened to her family in the past which was very emotional.

Next was Stephanie Jacobsen who talked about her acting career from her start in Farscape and Home and Away, to more reent things such as Terminator and Battlestar Galactica Razor.


There was then a short break and I used that time to check into the hotel.


After I checked in I went to Thomas’ talk and was able to get front row seats again.


The final talk of the day was Mark Christopher Lawrence and Ryan McPartlin.


After all the talks I went over to get my autographs with the guests and then back to my room.


I did come down later to see the fancy dress party but it had finished before I did so I spent a bit of time watching some videos before deciding to call it a night and go back to my room.


Sunday 26th June

No rush to get up early today so I had a lie in. Went down to breakfast and it was pretty poor it was as if they had used the leftovers from the main breakfast room.

I went to pick up my signed group photo and found out that Stephanie was unable to sigh it due to time constraints, it is funny that she did not have time to sign that but she did have time to sign a batch of pics the organisers were selling for £10 each.

First talk of the day was Thomas Dekker and Stephanie Jacobsen.

The next talk was with Ryan Mcpartlin.

The final talk of the day was with Mark Christopher Lawrence and Julia Ling. After which I drove home.

In summary I really enjoyed meeting the guests and they could not be faulted but as for the convention itself it has to be the most badly organised one I have ever been to, the organiser clearly does not respect the attendees!



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  1. Paul von der Fecht on June 28th, 2011 1:06 pm

    I’m sorry that you did not have a completely enjoyable experience at T3. A number of issues over the weekend were completely outside of the event’s control, and I can assure you that Sean does respect the attendees.

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