Starfury T2

June 13, 2010

Friday 11th June 2010

This is the second time I have attended a Starfury Convention the first being T1 last year where I filmed THIS video of Zachary Levy leading a group of attendies to Subway to help the TV show Chuck a third season.

So now to this year. Starfury T2 is aimed at the fans of Chuck and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV shows.

I drove down to the Thistle London Heathrow and check into my room, I then go and pick up my registration pack.

The welcome ceremony takes place in one of the large rooms and all the guests are introduced. Actors in attendance include; Adam Baldwin, Bonita Friedericy, Julia Ling, Thomas Dekker, Brian Austin Green, John Billingsley, Mark Sheppard and Brody Hutzler.

Welcome Ceremony


After that I attend a meet and greet with the stars as I was one of the first to buy a ticket. This takes the for of groups of fans sitting on a few tables and the guests circulating ensuring they meet and chat to everyone.

Once the meet and greet is over I head over to the bar where Adam Baldwin is enjoying a drink so I join him for a bit.

Saturday 12th June 2010

I get up and head down for breakfast. After that I start my photoshoots. The first was with Julia Ling then a group shot with everyone in attendance and then finally Thomas Dekker and Brian Austin Green.


Then the talks started, all of them were really good but the one that sticks out is the Bonita Friedericy and John Billingsley one, they were hilarious, running around the whole hall and recreating the moment they first got together.

Brody Hutzler Talk
Bonita Friedericy and John Billingsley Talk
Thomas Dekker Talk
Brian Austin Green Talk
Adam Baldwin, Julia Ling and Mark Sheppard Talk

After the talks I them went and got my autographs from everyone in attendance, everyone was really friendly during this and spent the time to add personalisation’s and special requests.


After that there was nothing until a lot later when the fancy dress party starts so I went and grabbed some dinner.

I watched the fancy dress party which was delayed due to the England game and then after that went to the bar again with a couple of new friends, finally leaving about midnight.

Sunday 13th June 2010

Slow day today, I get breakfast and the go for my photoshoots with Bonita Friedericy. After that I spend the rest of the day attending all the talks before leaving before the closing ceremony and driving home.

John Billingsley and Brody Hutzler Talk
Julia Ling and Mark Sheppard Talk
Adam Baldwin and Bonita Friedericy Talk
Brian Austin Green and Thomas Dekker Talk


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