Route 66 Day Thirteen

June 24, 2009

Holbrook – The Grand Canyon

The Holiday Inn in Holbrook once again surpassed itself this morning with a lack of breakfast items being offered in their “deluxe breakfast” as you can see from these photos most of the items had run out before we got there.

Apart from that the rest of the day went really well, much more interesting than yesterday.

First stop was the Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, here you could spend the night in a concrete wigwam if you wanted, we did not fancy that prospect but it is a classic piece of Route 66 history so we had to take a look.

Next was Joe and Aggies Café also in Holbrook where we stopped to take a few pictures before we left the town.

We rejoined Interstate 40 and soon stopped at Geronimo’s a Native American gift shop selling jewellery and handy crafts. A few miles down the road was Jack Rabbits Trading Post where we had our pictures taken riding a giant rabbit.

Next up was Winslow, made famous by the line in the Eagles song “Take it Easy” in fact the statue they have erected on the corner of one of their streets is the only thing of any interest there, of course we had to stop and take a few pictures of us “Standin’ on the corner”.

Upon leaving Winslow we saw a mini tornado or a dirt devil forming in a nearby field which was quite interesting.

A little bit further down the road was Meteor Crater, this is the impact site of a meteor that hit the earth 25 million years ago, although it was quite expensive to get in $15 each the view of the crater was really good and I enjoyed it quite a lot.

We saw signs for Walnut Canyon National Park and were intrigued to see what it was so we followed the signs and made the small detour. It turned out to be a canyon that had prehistoric dwellings in the side of the cliff faces that had been there for many, many years created to inhabitants of the area.

Next was the low point of the day, we foolishly decided to go to Denny’s  for lunch, I had the country fried steak, which from the description and picture in the menu looked nice. When it came it turned out to be two breaded and deep fat fried hamburgers and I did not feel very good for the rest of the day after eating them.

We then headed to the Grand Canyon, here we stayed at the Bright Angel Lodge in one of their cabins, to be honest this was not a very nice place, it was very basic but in a prime location to tour the Canyon tomorrow.




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