Route 66 Day Seven

June 18, 2009

Sikeston – Springfield

Went down for breakfast at 9am and to be honest the free hot breakfast was not very good, the best parts were the orange juice and the bagels.

After we had checked out we began our long drive to our first stop of the day, the Meramec Caverns. Upon arrival the the majority of the car park and picnic area was flooded, but it was still open.

We got our tickets and joined a tour that was about to depart.  I think that the caverns would be quite interesting if the guiding style would have been different, there were no real stories or informative information about the features and we spent most of the time waiting for the tour in front to move on before filling its place.

Jessie James once hid down here and escaped through a secret river entrance, surely that deserved a bit more talking about.

The rock formations were quite impressive throughout but the funniest thing happened at the end in a theatre that uses the rock formations as a screen, the music of “God Bless America” is played and a light show starts but if you look over to the guide you can see that he is flicking all the individual light switches on and off in time with the music, if there was not so many people around I would have burst out laughing.

We did not leave here till after 2pm and were falling a bit behind schedule so to make up a bit of time we abandoned Route 66 for a short time and took the interstate to Springfield although we did take some stops along the way to see the worlds largest rocking chair and the Munger Moss Motel.

At Springfield we check into the Hampton Inn and go for diner at a Chinese restaurant were both of us ate for just $11 and then went for a frozen custard before heading for bed.




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