Route 66 Day Fifteen

June 26, 2009

Bryce Canyon – Las Vegas

Today did not really go as planned; we were supposed to spend half the day exploring Bryce Canyon National Park and the other half exploring Zion National Park. But, unfortunately there was a big thunderstorm in the morning with lightning striking right above us so that put an end to exploring the park. We did spend about 30 minutes checking it out and the sun did show it’s face for a short time but it started raining again so we left.

This was a big shame as the the only other time I have been to Bryce was in 2003 and the same thing happened then so I still have not seen it properly.

We then drove all the way to Zion National Park passing through Red Canyon along the way.

At Zion we drove along the scenic route passing through a number of tunnels and admiring the scenery as we went, one of the highlights was spotting a natural arch in the cliff face.

Before we left we made sure to check out the visitor centre. By this time the weather had started to clear up.

By this time we were well ahead of my planned schedule and decided to head for Las Vegas. We had intended to arrive in Vegas on Saturday and I have already booked our room at the Venetian. I did not want to check in a day early there as Friday nights are quite expensive so wanted to find a cheaper alternative somewhere on the Strip. We thought we would try Paris and after waiting in the checking in line for over 20 minutes we were told there were no vacancies, great!

Next we went to Excalibur, they had a room and we checked in.

We went for a brief walk around at our hotel and New York, New York and the MGM Grand and net went for a buffet.

I don’t want to sound like a snob but every time we come to Vegas the people seem to be, how can I say it politely, trash!! I really don’t want to talk bad about anyone but if you are going to check into a hotel don’t have a beer in one hand a cigarette in the other and be wearing a wife beater vest. Also the amount of girls that walk around in what they probably think are nice dresses but actually make them look like cheap prostitutes is unbelievable. Any that is my little rant over and it is just my opinion.

Actually one more thing, you experience this in every casino and hotel you go into in Vegas, once you get in there it is virtually impossible to get back out of, it took us ages to find the small entrance we entered Excalibur through so we could go back out to the car and get our luggage.

I am also not going to pay the extortionate internet rate to post this tonight so will do it tomorrow when I get to the Venetian.




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