Route 66 Day Eleven

June 22, 2009

Roswell – Albuquerque

After our breakfast and check out we went straight to the UFO museum.

The museum was about three miles away on the main street at Roswell. This place was so tacky, but in a good way. It had lots of so called evidence and eye witness reports about a space ship that crash landed in Roswell back in 1947. Personally I believe that something did crash but it was more likely to be a top secret government aircraft than something of an extra terrestrial nature.

When we came out of the museum we walked up and down the street for a bit looking at all the alien related gift shops and even saw a couple of people walking around with tin foil on their heads.

After leaving Roswell we preceded to Lincoln, this again is synonymous with Billy the Kid as it is where he worked at the Tunstall store and where he broke out of the court house killing some law men as he did so.

A lot of the buildings in Lincoln are still original and the whole area is a national park keeping them so. We found this a lot more interesting than the Billy the Kid museum from yesterday. There is even the bullet hole in the wall that Billy shot during his escape.

We spend a good couple of hours here exploring all the original old buildings both inside and out along with having a tour around the museum at the visitors centre.

After we left we then started the long (and I mean long) road back up to Route 66, it took hours with no discernable change in scenery, we did stop of to buy ice creams at Smokey’s Country Store along the way.

We finally made it to Albuquerque where we stayed the night in the Hilton Garden inn and had our dinner at Shoneys.





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