Route 66 Day Eighteen

June 29, 2009

Las Vegas – Santa Monica

Got up and had the continental breakfast again before packing our bags and hitting the road once more.

Spent a few hours driving and caught up with Route 66 again at Barstow and followed it for large areas at a time. But again certain places we lost it and had to go on the interstate.

We stopped for lunch at In N’ Out burger before continuing towards LA. It was getting late and as I have been to LA and especially Santa Monica many times before (even spent a whole month there back in 2000) I know what the traffic would be like if we tried to go through the centre of the city so we decided to leave Route 66 and take the freeway to the coast.

When we arrived in Santa Monica we checked into our hotel, The Georgian which is right on the coast and went up to our suite.

After checking the room out and unpacking we go down and head for Santa Monica Place where we want a Mongolian BBQ and hot dog on a stick, which is our usual when we are here and have been dreaming about it for the past few days. For those that are not aware Santa Monica Place is the shopping mall they filmed such classics as Woody Allen’s “Scenes from a Mall”, “Terminator 2” and “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” to name a few. But when we got there we found out it has been knocked down and is being rebuilt and will not re-open until 2010. so that was that idea out of the window, in the end we settle for a pizza and salad from Wolfgang Puck Express on the Third Street Promenade.

We then go for a walk to the end of the Pier where we have a churro and a hot chocolate before heading back to the hotel for the night.




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