Peru and Easter Island Day Three

May 1, 2010

Peru and Easter Island Day Three

I get up and go down for breakfast, there are not much on offer, some fruit, bread, sautéed potatoes and chopped up hotdog sausages. After breakfast I go back to my room and pack my bags then check out.

I check in at the airport and then wait around for a while for my fight to be called; I am able to get a free wifi connection so surf around for a bit to pass the time.

The plane I catch is more like a bus service as it stops at Arequipa along the way to drop off and pick up passengers. I get off at Juliaca get by bag and am greeted by David my guide. I can see a thunder storm in the distance and sure enough it starts to rain, even snow a little.

Along the road we stop at Sillustani, a pre-Incan burial ground, the problem is it is dark by the time we get there so could not explore them as much as I would like. I am also at an altitude of 4000m and after coming from sea level I have had no time to acclimatise to am feeling a little weak with a light head, hopefully that should go by tomorrow after a good sleep.

I check into my hotel the La Hacienda Hotel in Puno and decide to eat in their restaurant rather than going elsewhere, I have a steak and chips, I think that the steak must have been alpaca as it definitely was not beef.

I go back to my room to get some sleep.

Travelling from Lima to Puno


La Hacienda Hotel, Puno




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