London Film and Comic Con 2016

July 30, 2016

This year marks the tenth time I have gone to the London Film and Comic Con and it was sporting some rather big names in the movie industry such as Jeremy Renner, Famke Janssen, Dolph Lundgren and Rutger Hauer.

I went straight to Olympia after getting off the train, first up was Jon Heder from Napoleon Dynamite, Blades of Glory and Benchwarmers. He was really friendly and talked for a bit, he even messed up inscribing the picture to me so did another one.

Jon Heder and MeJPG Jon Heder Signed Photograph

Next was Kae Alexander from Bad Education and Game of Thrones, she was happy to chat and pose for a photo.

Kae Alexander and MeJPG Kae Alexander Signed Photograph 2

Dolph Lundgren was next, did not talk much just signed my photograph.

Dolph Lundgren Signed Photograph Dulph Lundgren Signing Autographs 2JPG

Then I went and met Keith David.

Keith David and MeJPG  Keith David Signed Photograph 

Aaron Standford from X-Men and 12 Monkeys was next.

Aaron Standford Signed Photograph  Aaron Standford and MeJPG 

Followed by Madds Mikkelsen from Casino Royal and the upcoming Doctor Strange Movie, nice guy and posed for a photograph.

Madds Mikkelsen Signing Autographs 03JPG  Madds Mikkelsen Signed Photograph 

Jamie Kenedy was next from the Scream movies and Malibu’s Most Wanted, he was freindly but seemed a bit spaced out if you ask me.

Jamie Kennedy Signed Photograph  Jamie Kennedy and MeJPG 

The last autograph of the day was Judge Reinhold who was not allowing any pictures of him signing which was a bit odd, after signing my photograph, he pointed at his face on the picture and said that was Nicholas Cages Head, don’t really know what he meant by that! I then had a photoshoot with him.

Judge Reinhold Signed Photograph  Judge Reinhold and Me 

I then left and checked into the hotel.

I went and waited outside the stage door for the Spoils and was able to get autographs from the cast including; Jesse Eisenberg, Kunal Nayyar, Alfie Allen, Katie Brayben, Annapurna Sriram.

The Spoils Signed Photograph by Jesse Eisenberg Kunal Nayyar Alfie Allen Annapurna Sriram 

I then went down the road and got Lily James’ autograph and tried to get Rebel Wilson’s but could not get close enough.

Lily James Signing AutographsJPG  Lily James Signed Photograph 


First up today was Rutger Hauer, the guy in front of me was speaking Dutch to him so when I approached him he started to speak Dutch to me also,my Dutch is not the best but I do know thank you which he seamed to appreciate.

Rutger Hauer Signed Photograph  Rutger Hauer Signing Autographs 02JPG 

Next was Dominic Monaghan who signed my Lord of the Rings picture already signed by Billy Boyd.

Dominic Monaghan Signing Autographs 01JPG  Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd Signed Photograph 

Next I waited for Famke Janssen (for over an hour as she was late) and to e honest it was a bit of a disapointment, she was pobably the person I most wanted to meet over the weekend, but she did not talk or make eye contact and her staff made the security guards stand in front of her so no one could take pictures of her.

Famke Janssen Signed Photograph 

Then it was photoshoot time and I did four in a row; first was Jeremy Renner then Dolph Lundgren then Rutger Hauer and last was Famke Janssen.

Jeremy Renner and Me  Dolph Lundgren and Me 
Rutger Hauer and Me  Famke Janssen and Me 

I then sat down for a bit and listened to a talk by Jeremy Renner followed by meeting him to get his autograph. I then left and got something to eat before watching the Spoils at the Trafalgar Studios.

Jeremy Renner Talk 20JPG  Jeremy Renner Signed Photograph 

After the Show I went to the stage door again and got the full casts autographs including Jesse Eisenberg, Kunal Nayyar, Alfie Allen, Katie Brayben, Annapurna Sriram.

The Spoils Program Signed by All Cast Members  Kunal Nayyar and Me 01JPG 
Jesse Eisenberg Signing Autographs 02JPG  Kunal Nayyar Signed Photograph 
Alfie Allen and MeJPG  Katie Brayben and MeJPG 
Annapurna Sriram and Me 02JPG  

I then went to try and get Rebel Wilsons autograph again and did.

Rebel Wilson Signing Autographs 03JPG  Rebel Wilson Signed Guys and Dolls FlyerJPG 


I found out on Friday that the Premier for Petes Dragon was going to be this morning at a hotel and Bryce Dallas Howard from Lost world was going to be there.

She was great posing for pictures and signing for everyone, out of the corner of my eye I also noticed Ron Howard so was able to meet him as well.

Bryce Dallas Howard and MeJPG Bryce Dallas Howard Signed Photograph
Ron Howard and MeJPG Bryce Dallas Howard Signing Autographs 9JPG

I then caught the train home.




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  2. Kevin Helson on April 21st, 2017 8:31 pm

    Cool lot of meets and autographs. It’s a great hobby I also love doing it.

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