London Film and Comic Con 2015

July 20, 2015

2015 is the 30th Anniversary of the first Back to the Future movie and to celebrate London Film and Comic Con were having a cast reunion, including Michael J Fox, I had to go to it.

Friday 17th July

Got to London around 1pm and checked into my Hotel, the Imperial Hotel in London then set off to Olympia where London Film and Comic Con was taking place this year.

The first person that I met was William Forsythe who was really friendly and chatted with me for a while.

LFCC 01 William Forsythe and Me william_forsythe_signed_photograph

Next up was Neve Campbell, she was great to meet as Scream was one of those iconic films of growing up for me.

LFCC 06 Neve Campbell Signing Autographs neve_campbell_signed_photograph

Next on the list was James Remar, from Warriors, Aliens and more recently Dexter, again a very friendly guest.

LFCC 08 James Remar and Me james_remar_signed_photograph

Then I met Sherilyn Fenn from Twin peaks, very friendly and very talkative.

LFCC 10 Sherilyn Fenn and Me sherilyn_fenn_signed_photograph

I was starting to get all the autographs I needed for the Weekend, at it was only Friday so then went to meet Kelly Hu.

LFCC 18 Kelly Hu Signing Autographs kelly_hu_signed_photograph

Then it was some of the Back to the Future cast, Marc McClure, Donald Fullilove, Harry Waters Jr, Claudia Wells and James Tolkan.

LFCC 20 Marc McClure and Me LFCC 21 Donald Fullilove and Me
LFCC 26 Harry Waters Jr and Me LFCC 35 Claudia Wells and Me
LFCC 28 James Tolkan and Me

Last up was Richard Dean Anderson.

LFCC 30 Richard Dean Anderson Signing Autographs LFCC 33 Richard Dean Anderson and Neve Campbell

I then went back to my hotel for a free evening meal that came as part of the booking, it was in the Saracen Carvery, don’t think I would have paid for it but as it was free, it filled a gap.

Saturday 18th July

Today was all about photoshoots, so after breakfast I headed over to Olympia by about 8.30, with half an hour before opening time there was a huge queue of gold passes around the building, when I started going to these events there used to be a very limited number of gold passes on sale, about 75 and that came with a large goodie bag full of autographs. Over the years the gold passes have risen in price the goodie bag of autographs have gone and there seems to be an unlimited amount sold, so they are really being devalued. Basically the organisers Showmasters have seen the cash cow they can be so just churn them out. They have even introduced a new Diamond Pass after the success of the Stan Lee situation they had last year, they could see even more pound “£££” signs in front of their eyes by charging £100’s for those for individual guests, again meaning the gold passes have less value as they are not valid for diamond guests.

Anyway back to the photoshoots, first was Bill Paxton followed by Hayley Atwell.

bill_paxton_and_me hayley_atwell_and_me

Followed by Richard Dean Anderson and Sherilyn Fenn.

richard_dean_anderson_and_me sherilyn_fenn_and_me

Sigourney Weaver photo area was crazy, they must have sold more tickets than they should have.

sigourney_weaver_and_me lfcc_01_sigourney_weaver_photoshoot_area

Next was Neve Campbell and then the highlight of the show for me, Michael J Fox.

neve_campbell_and_me michael_j_fox_and_me

I then went and got Bill Paxton’s autograph.

lfcc_05_bill_paxton_signing_autographs bill_paxton_signed_photograph

I then went and watched the Michael J Fox talk.

lfcc_14_michael_j_fox_talk lfcc_16_michael_j_fox_talk

I then had a lot of time to kill before a Michael Gambon photoshoot. And then the final of the day was Kelly Hu.

michael_gambon_and_me kelly_hu_and_me

That was it for the day so I headed into London to get something to eat and see a show.

I had decided on the Mentalists, a play set in a run down hotel room staring Stephen Merchant and Steffan Rhodri. It was thoroughly enjoyable, very funny but with some serious undertones. And as usual I went to the sage door afterwards to meet them, both were very friendly and happy to sign autographs and pose for photographs.


I then walked over to the Theatre Royal Haymarket to see if I could catch Bradley Cooper after his performance in the Elephant Man, unfortunately he had left but I was able to catch Patricia Clarkson.

Sunday 19th July

A bit of a site seeing day today, first up after breakfast was the Museum of London. A museum dedicated to you guessed it London. Starting from the earliest time up to the modern era.

museum_of_london_37 museum_of_london_32

After the museum, I had a free ticket for a River Cruise, so I ventured to Tower Pier where I boarded to City Cruises boat up the river to Westminster.

city_cruises_thames_sightseeing_river_cruise_20 city_cruises_thames_sightseeing_river_cruise_16

I then went over to the Natural History Museum for an hour before heading back over to the London Film and Comic Con to use up my free £10 vouchers on Gemma Whelan from Game of Thrones and Trevor Steadman from Aliens.

I went back to the hotel to collect my back and then caught the train home.



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