Jim Lovell Apollo 13 Space Lecture and Q&A

November 3, 2015

Jim Lovell will always be remembered as one of the early NASA Astronauts and the Captain of Apollo 13. In November 2015 he was giving a lecture in Pontefract, UK organised by Space Lectures.

I have met Jim Lovell before at the Astronaut Hall of Fame Induction at Kennedy Space Centre back in 2001, but I have never heard him give a lecture about his Space career.

The lecture was great and as you would expect he talked a great deal about this Space career from Gemini 7 and Gemini 12 to Apollo 8 and of course Apollo 13. Rather than go into details you can watch the whole lecture in the video below.

After the lecture he then took part in a question and answer session hosted by physicist Brian Cox, you can see the whole session below.

After the lecture Jim graciously signed autographs for everyone in attendance which I estimated to be 510 people based on seat rows, luckily I was in row F so got mine pretty quickly.



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