Fred Haise Apollo 13 Astronaut Space Lecture

October 26, 2014

Fred Haise will always be remembered as one of the Astronauts onboard Apollo 13. In October 2014 he was giving a lecture in Pontefract, UK organised by Space Lectures. 

I have met Fred Haise twice before the first time at the Astronaut Hall of Fame Induction at Kennedy Space Centre back in 2001 and the again the year later at the Space Walk of Fame in Titusville Florida. But I have never heard him give a lecture about his Space career.

The lecture was great and as you would expect he talked a great deal about Apollo 13 and his time at NASA. Rather than go into details you can watch the whole lecture in the video below.

After the lecture Fred graciously signed autographs for everyone in attendance which I estimated to be 510 people based on seat rows, which took a long time as I was on the second row from the back.

fred_haise_space_lecture__19 Fred Haise Signed Photograph


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