Eclipse Heroes Convention in Northampton

March 16, 2008

Eclipse Heroes Convention in Northampton


Eclipse was a three day event that celebrated the TV series “Heroes” and brought together fans from around the world with a number of stars from the show. The guests who attended were; Sendhil Ramamurthy “Dr. Mohinder Suresh”, Santiago Cabrera “Isaac Mendez”, David Anders “Kensei”, Cristine Rose “Angela Petrelli”, Noah Gray-Cabey, “Micah Sanders” and Jessalyn Gilsig “Meredith Gordon”

Friday 14th March 2008

I leave work at lunch time and call in the dry cleaners on the way to pick up my varsity jacket to wear to the high school themed party tonight. I bought this jacket of ebay a couple of weeks ago and it was a bit mistreated and smelled, but for £8 I could not go wrong, the problem was, because it had a wool body and leather arms the dry cleaner wanted over £30 to clean it, no chance! They did not tell me this though when I dropped it off only when I went to pick it up on Thursday (yesterday) obviously I was not going to pay this and I needed it cleaned quickly so they agreed to just give it a cold wash to remove the smell.

When I went to pick it up, it was still soaking wet as they had washed it but not dried it. So for the next two and a half hours when I was driving down to Northampton I had the heater on full blast with the windows closed trying to dry the thing with quite a bit of success.

I arrive at the Park Inn Northampton, check in and go to my room, I am on the sixth floor which is supposed to be the executive floor but I can’t see the difference to what a standard room would be. I then go down and pick up my registration pack for the event, this contains my gold pass which I tie around my neck with a cheap bit of string, photographs of the guests, some badges, Noah Bennett’s drivers licence, FHM poster and an Eclipse T-shirt. I then go for a walk around the dealers’ room to look at what is for sale and pass the time before the event begins that evening.

My Hotel Room at the Park Inn

I manage to get front row seats of the start of the event (being a gold pass holder entitles you to sit at the front) and each of the guests are brought on in turn to introduce them and say a few words to the audience.

Guests Introducing Themselves

After this the gold pass holders are ushered to the drinks reception where we mingle with the guests, I was a bit disappointed by the size of the room for this as everyone was squashed in there and it must have been a bit intimidating for the guests. I did not manage to talk to everyone there but I did talk to both Jessalyn and Cristine who was very friendly and nothing like the character of Angela Petrelli she portrays on the show. I also start to talk to Claire and Richard a brother and sister from Swansea; it’s always good to meet fellow countrymen.

Cocktail Reception

After this I go back to the room and get changed into my jock outfit, the arms are still wet so it is a bit uncomfortable but not too bad and go back downstairs. I kind of linger and the back of the hall drinking and then a guy called Ian comes over and introduces himself and I start talking to him and a girl called Beth. I spend most of the night with them and another two girls called Becca and Kel. I have quite a bit to drink and remember dancing a lot as well as going to MacDonald’s with the munchies which we eat under a bus stop. I finally get back to the room at 2am.

High School USA Themed Party

Saturday 15th March 2008

I get up quite early (despite my hangover) and go down for breakfast. After this the convention starts and I have a number of photo shoots with the guests and get all the autographs I need. Cristine even remembers my name from the cocktail reception the night before when I go for her autograph and again when I have my photo with her. I meet up with Ian and Beth again and get a drink in the bar.

Photo Shoots With the Guests

Signed Photographs from the Guests

In the afternoon the guests take part in a question and answer session at the front of the hall, they do this in pairs and they last about 45 minutes each.

First up was Cristine Rose with David Anders, then it was Noah Gray-Cabey and Jessalyn Gilsig and finally Santiago Cabrera and Sendhil Ramamurthy.

The Guest Talks

Cristine Rose and David Anders Talk

Noah Gray-Cabey and Jessalyn Gilsig Talk

Santiago Cabrera and Sendhil Ramamurthy Talk

After the talks Ian, Becca, Kel any myself go to Wetherspoons for dinner, I have a steak which was quite good value.

Tonight’s themed party is the “Petrelli Inauguration Ball” which is kicked of by Cristine Rose in character as Angela Petrelli. I wear my TUX as are a few others, some of the guests also attend and I get my picture with Jessalyn and Noah. Once Cristine has done her speech on stage she is followed my a Michael Jackson impersonator (who I think is a woman). To be honest I don’t think the rest of the night is as good as the previous one so after a few drinks at the bar with Ian I head off to bed a little after midnight.

The Petrelli Inauguration Ball

Sunday 16th March 2008

I am up early again and go down for breakfast. It is a bit of a relaxing day today as the only thing on the agenda is a photo shoot with all the cast and getting one more Sendhil autograph. So I spend most of the day waling around, looking at what the dealers are selling, looking around the time line room getting some lunch at MacDonald’s with Ian and sitting in on more talks. This time the couples on stage are different.

The Timeline Room

Cristine Rose and Santiago Cabrera Talk

Noah Gray-Cabey and Sendhil Ramamurthy Talk

Jessalyn Gilsig and David Anders Talk

To finish the day all the cast members are on stage at the same time for a big question and answer session. When that is finished I say my goodbyes to Ian, Becca and Kel and begin the drive home.

The Whole Cast During the Final Talk

Jessalyn Gilsig

David Anders

Cristine Rose

Noah Gray-Cabey

Santiago Cabrera

Sendhil Ramamurthy



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  2. paula on March 26th, 2008 6:04 am

    Zachary Quinto is by far the coolest/hottest “Villian/Hero” so where was he?………I just luv any pic’s of him.

  3. Kel on April 28th, 2009 7:39 am

    Hello Mark! It’s Kel 😀

    Becca stumbled over your blog yesterday and we are amazed by it, you remembered everything so well 😀 You forgot the part where you read in welsh to us though – clearly the best part of the con.


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