Collectormania Milton Keynes 2012

June 4, 2012

Friday 1st June

I decided to go down to Collectormania at the MK Dons Stadium in Milton Keynes a bit early in a hope of meeting as many guests as possible before the rush on the Saturday. It paid off and I got to see everyone who was there with no wait.

I started with Brandon Routh who plays Superman in Superman Returns as well as being in the TV Show Chuch. He was very nice and chatty making comments on all the people who signed my Chuck poster as well as posing for a picture with me.

Next up was Sean Astin from Lord of the Rings and Goonies, I got him to sign my Goonies treasure map and a picture of himself as Mikey.

I then met Olivia d’Abo from the Wonder Years and Conan, she was very friendly and signed a Conan pic for me and posed for a picture with me.

Next was Carl Weathers who played Apollo Creed in Rocky followed by Nichelle Nichols and Michael Dorm from Star Trek.

Then it was over to the Hunger Games guests Dayo Okeniyi and Amandla Stenberg who play Rue and Thresh, they both signed my Hunger Games poster. Followed by Lauren Tom and Phil LaMarr from Futurama.

I then went for my photoshoots with Carl Weathers, Brandon Routh, Sean Astin and Nichelle Nichols.

I had some lunch at KFC before going to IKEA to get some things for the house. The last guest I meet was Jason Mamoa who signed my Game of Thrones poster.

I then drive to my hotel for the night the Holiday Inn and do some shopping and have dinner at the shopping centre.

Saturday 2nd June

Get up early and head over to the MK Dons stadium for 08.20 and wait for the doors to open, all I am coming for today is to have three photoshoots and to meet the Game of Thrones guests.

The first people I meet are Finn Jones and Josef Altin, both of which are very friendly and pose for pictures.

Next I meet David Bradley who is most famous for being in the Harry Potter movies but more recently in Game of Thrones.

I then head over for my photoshoot with Jake LaMotta at 10.10 but there is a small sign saying it has been postponed until 12.00, so I go over and meet Lena Headey followed by Brian Blessed.

12.00 comes and goes and we are told that the Jake LaMotta photoshoot has been postponed again until 15.45 so in the mean time I have photoshoots with Karen Gillan and Lena Headey. The line for Karen is extremely badly organised and it looks like it is almost ¼ the way around the stadium.

After them waiting around and wasting time for a few hours (I originally planned to head into London just after 13.00 to go and see a matinee) just before 15.45 I sign was put up that the Jake LaMotta photoshoot has been cancelled, so I get a refund and head back to my hotel.

I get a train into London at see the evening performance of The Sunshine Boys at the Savoy theatre starring Danny Devito and Richard Groffiths. It was a great show and very well performed. I wait at the stage door after the show but neither Danny or Richard come out.

I get the train back to Milton Keynes and arrive at the hotel at 01.30 in the morning. 

Sunday 3rd June

I wake up at 07.30 after not having much sleep, have a shower, pack my bags and then drive over to the MK Dons stadium. It is a miserable morning with rain coming down, luckily I have my umbrella.

All the plan is for today is pick up my two photoshoot pictures from Saturday and get Natalia Tena and Roxanne McKee to sign my Game of Thrones poster. I wait for a while before Natalia comes out and she signs my poster and poses for a photo with me. I then go and meet Roxanne who has nobody waiting and she signs the poster as well. Above her there is a picture with no flash photography or video camera taping so I politely ask if I can take her picture if I turn the flash on my camera off, her assistant then replies to me in a very rude manner that there is no photography at all (the sign said no “FLASH” photography so non-flash should have been fine, for no photography they should have put “NO PHOTOGRAPHY”). If people like Sean Astin, Brandon Routh and Brian Blessed don’t have an issue with taking pictures of them by the desk then surely someone from Hollyoaks shouldn’t.

I then pick up my photoshoot pictures and head home, grabbing some breakfast in Ikea along the way.



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